SHARE: Homelessness, 2016

This was our first project and we like to think of this as the our little baby. It featured creative work from students and staff at Bolton Sixth Form College and afar in the wider community. The book was sold in Waterstones in Bolton for £1 and raised more than £1000 for Bolton Young Persons Housing Scheme.


SHARE: Female Homelessness, 2017

Often an element of homelessness that is overlooked, we decided we'd tackle it. It featured the creative work of students and members of the community looking at issues that specifically affect women who are homeless. It is actively used by Performing Arts and Drama students at Bolton Sixth Form College, as part of their exams and coursework.

SHARE: Flash Fiction 50, 2017

An Annual creative writing competition of 50 words. There were over 100 submissions and it was used successfully as a class challenge by GCSE English students at Bolton Sixth Form College.

SHARE: Hidden Homelessness, 2018

An anthology based on highlighting the plight of the hidden homelessness.


Gig for the Homeless, 2016

In partnership with Bolton Markets, we hosted a homelessness awareness event in the Markets. John Foster, the lead singer of The Jade Assembly played a live acoustic set. Talks were also delivered by Co-founder Jake Kirkman and Maura Jackson, CEO of Bolton Young Persons Housing Scheme.

Rucksacks and Handbags

Annual Winter campaign, in which we requested donations of clothing and basic toiletries at Bolton Sixth Form College. We received donations from students, staff and members of the Bolton community.


We post creative work daily on our website to encourage people to get creative! 


A comprehensive list of organisations in Bolton and our region for the homeless and vulnerable to access. The page includes the websites and telephone numbers of homelessness, addiction and domestic abuse organisations and a map of where to find them. Moreover, there is a downloadable Homeless Aid UK 'Free Meal' form for people to access.



Established in college and local schools: SHARE Community Champion, SHARE Literacy Champion, SHARE Ambassador, SHARE Poet Laureate and SHARE Advocate.

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