Moving Forwards: Greater Manchester's Homeless Crisis

Photo by Caig Travis

From Fire Stations freeing up space for the homeless to Manchester City Council purchasing cheap properties across the city to accommodate those without a home.

'The Homeless Crisis' in Manchester and that of the entire country is something that has received much public attention in the past few years. Manchester City Council seem to making significant ground in addressing homelessness across the city.

It is certainly a far cry from the City Council we've been used to in previous years, but it seems pressure from campaigners is beginning to be recognised by those in the Town Hall. An update on the Manchester City Council website September, detailed the work that has been done in the past year. It states that 33 bed spaces have been refurbished in the Women's Direct Access Centre and 90 beds have been made newly available for rough sleepers in the city.

In an article published on the Manchester Evening News website this evening, new plans were announced to tackle the homelessness problem in the city. These new plans are:

  • Rough Sleepers will not longer be discharged from hospital back onto the streets.

  • 'Winter Homeless Shelters' are to open up at Manchester fire stations.

  • A former care home in Chorlton is to be converted in a new homeless shelter.

  • Manchester City Council will buy cheap housing across the city for the homeless.

If you would like to know more about SHARE and the work we are doing to raise awareness of homelessness, click here for more information.


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