DAY 6 #POEMADAY: Homelessness, Alise McCarthy



Alise McCarthy

Rain pours down. The plastic roof over the shopping trollies protecting. Water drips from the side. The air is cold. The ground is cold. It's November.

Many people disagree. There shouldn't be people in the shopping trolley shelter taking refuge from the rain. They should live somewhere else. But determination remains. Have to get through the winter.

Children stop. They point fingers and ask their mother; "Why are they sat there and not at home?"

But it's hard to explain from the mother. She simply says, "They didn't do well in school and they couldn't get a job."

But she is wrong. I had gone to university. I had a bachelor's degree; I had a good job. But life spiralled down; my spouse left me; my family argued with me; I got fired from my job; I was evicted; I had to live on the streets.

I am an intellectual, but my life had given me bad times after bad times. And now I watch the rain from a shopping trolley shelter than a window in a warm house.

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