DAY 8 #POEMADAY: A Homeless Heart by Georgia Rigby



Georgia Rigby

I can see you, you know.

Your disapproving eyes, looking down.

I know what you are thinking.

You think, I'm the scum of this town.

You say that this is all my fault.

That my life has taken this unfortunate turn

But are you certain?

Do you feel the cold, do you feel it burn?

Do your shoes fill with water from the rain?

Does your cosy bed smell like wet rot?

Do you hear the crying voices?

The voices that this town has forgot.

I used to be a wealthy man, believe me.

I used to have children, a wife, and a home.

One little slip, and you're out of this game.

You end up here on the streets, alone.

No, it was not drugs, booze or greed

my wife cheated, we divorced, she got all I had

So now I'm sat on this corner, heartbroken

I was a loving husband and I was a doting dad.

Now my kids don't speak to me

Even when they walk on by, they never stare

So before you shun the way I look,

Remember life has never been fair.

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