DAY 9 #POEMADAY: Homelessness by Christopher Siores



Chris Siores

Homelessness. It dampens a room, alienates

and clogs the heart of the innocent. The lack

of humility and understanding causes men of old

and young, their fruitful hearts to be distilled

with venom.

The films of the past projecting into the future;

makes a mockery and unfulfilled silence from

London to China, from pole to pole. The sorrows

and poverty linger behind with the melancholy

Tears of doubt and shame.

Hover boards and flying cars are the flying cars

are the thing of the past they said. Why is it people

nowadays fear the dread of being dead, when in

actuality it should be homelessness instead.

Oligarchs, kings and queens are competent in

providing this. With a power of a jewel, can change

the mind of a few. With knowledge and giving shows

us the next evolution of men. The expectations of the

past will be the future of tomorrow.

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