DAY 10 #POEMADAY: Charlotte Stones


Charlotte Stones

Homelessness is

Surviving the streets.

Keeps a place,

Not to live or stay.

Just for the night.

Homelessness is

Not planning your next meal.

Waiting for scraps of

Both of food and change.

Eating it cold if at all.

Homelessness is

A cold hand reaching out

From a scrap of material

Or even cardboard,

To a lukewarm drink.

Hoping that it hasn't been knocked over.

Homelessness is

Survival of the fittest.

Being tempted by drink and drugs.

But the drugs don't work.

And neither does the drink.

Homelessness is

Feeling numb and alone.

The only whisper is the wind.

And it is bone chilling, sweet nothings.

Not the whisper of a loved one.

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