DAY 11 #POEMADAY: Just a Woman


Wearing a necklace that said L 0 V E,

She strolls around looking for love tonight

Just a warm bed for the end of the day,

Where she will be paid.

She's just another being fighting

And clinging with all she has.

'Sadness' she wrote on her wrist

In drinking she forgets.

Wearing a necklace that said L 0 V E,

She doesn't know where she will end up tonight.

She is scared. So scared.

She is just another woman standing around the corner,

Clinging on but barely.

She wants to run. To run far from here

Before she falls deeper.

Any deeper and she knows

She will drown.

She has lost everything because of him

Until there was nothing left.

She still grasped his hand tightly

Because in a sad way,

He was the only one she had left.

Wearing a necklace that said L 0 V E

She cries at the irony.

If you would like to know more information, please click here.

#literacyskills #poemaday #SHAREBolton #Homelessness #GreaterManchester #Bolton

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