Day 16 #POEMADAY: Bolton - Blinded by the Truth by Jacob Holme



Jacob Holme 

Ever wondered what it's like to be homeless? Picture this: the biting wind that whirls around you, leaving you desperate for warmth. The hoard drunks out in town, having a good time, they stop and mock you whilst you try to find comfort in what's left of your holey blanket... The manager of the paper shop, whose doorway you used to keep you warm, moves you on your way. You're never settled in one place, never warm, you're homeless.

Bolton, a town of great historic heritage, a town homed to a multi-ethnic community, a town filled with opportunity, the opportunity to help the lost and the poor. Have you ever walked through the town centre? Did you notice at least one person, sat begging helplessly? I certainly have and it's time for change! Bolton has a high un-employment rate, it's not to be judged yes there is a mixture of people, some who want to work and others who don't. I knew exactly what the majority of you reading this were thinking. Urban Outreach is one of the main charities in Bolton that helps these people, who are lost and weary, they need your help! You can give even just a pound, you can give a tin of soup, you can give time to help or you can watch them, never settled in one place, never warm and watch them beg on the streets. It's your choice.

Bolton Sixth Form College's Chaplaincy team, also has a Food Bank division, we assist Urban Outreach in one of their partnered projects with Bolton at Home and many local schools and churches. Storehouse, is one of the Food Banks in Bolton, it makes emergency food parcels for over 3500 people each year. It gives people opportunities, it gives them love, most of all it makes a difference to these people who are helpless. BSFC's Food Bank team is asking for your help, you can: Give a donation of food or money, or even volunteer. Lend a helping this year in 2016, make it your new year's resolution to help others.

If you would like more information, please click here.

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