Day 19 #POEMADAY: Dr Jackie Bene

On behalf of Bolton NHS Foundation Trust it's an honour to support this important project aimed at raising awareness of homelessness. Unfortunate­ly, even in this modern age we see too many people who are homeless and sadly in a health setting we see some of the potential consequences.

The inability to access some of the basic standards of living that many of us take for granted can often lead to poor nutrition, frailty and ultimately poor health. This will sometimes require intervention in our Accident and Emer­gency department, as many homeless people have lost contact with their GPs if they ever had one. In order to try and prevent this we do a lot of work in our community to support the health needs of homeless people and we have a number of teams who, I know, are very much appreciated by those they care for.

So I welcome this initiative and have been very moved by the writing and photography which I'm sure you will be too.

Dr Jackie Bene

Chief Executive

Bolton NHS Foundation Trust

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