Day 5 #POEMADAY: Alexandra Cain


Alexandra Cain

Can't you see me?

Can't you hear me?

I'm lay frozen in front of you

And my skin is turning a frosty blue.

It's cold out now

And I can't help but wonder how

How can you let a young life slip away?

How do you face seeing me each day?

In a place no one should call home

A place where silent ghosts roam

How can you judge?

When your heart is stone

Because I'm sat here alone

You don't know my story

You don't care because your life is full of glory

Then I wonder what if

What if you knew?

What if it was you?

Would you help

Would you scream and yelp

But there is only me

This isn't how it always use to be

I had someone, he promised to be mine

Our marriage was going fine

But then war came

And he was taken by the people I wish to blame

On a battle ground is where he died

And for days I cried.

Greedy figures took away my home

Here I am on the streets to roam

So now you know...

Why I've lost my glow

I am homeless

No fault of my own

So leave me here to die on this cold stone.

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